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Surabaya, diversity in modernity.

Surabaya, a major port city, is the second-biggest metropolis in Indonesia. As a historic city taking important role of Indonesia civilization, Surabaya has been a melting pot of various religions, ethnicities, cultures, and communities. Once called Ujung Galuh, Surabaya was major trading port city located at the estuary of Brantas River, by the Java Sea and Madura Strait. It had witnessed civilization in the ancient age of Kingdoms, Colonial Era and the Independence Era.

The city has made various achievements and drawn the world’s attention. The success of Surabaya’s city management has inspired other cities in different parts of the world as it has been a modern and friendly home for global community.

As a hub city of tourism, Surabaya also has interesting tourist destinations locating in different parts of the city. Some of them are Submarine Museum, House of Sampoerna, Cheng Ho Mosque, Surabaya Zoo, Mangrove Ecotourism. They are amusing spots to visit around the city before heading to natural attractions outside the city. Furthermore, tourism may enjoy diverse choices of culinary delights in restaurants, dinners, or street vendors. There are plenty of spicy traditional and local dishes to try, from “rawon”, “rujak cingur”, to “tahu campur”.

As one of the higher education institutions established in Surabaya, Universitas Airlangga has taken a more significant role to develop the city and inspire the world. It has also contributed to various fields, including health, economy, social, political and culture.

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