International Undergraduate Programme in Medicine

Programme overview

Medical Programme at the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga (FMUA) is one of the oldest medical school in Indonesia. Its high quality and reputation are guaranteed since it is nationally and internationally recognized by LAMPTKes (which is recognized by WFME), AUN-QA, and ASIIN.  Our vision is to become independent, innovative, and pioneer in the development of science, medical technology and humanity based on moral values based on religion.

International Undergraduate Programme (IUP) in Medicine at Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga has renewed its curriculum and this was conducted for several reasons. One of the major reasons is to produce updated graduates based on the Competence Standard of Medical Doctor, issued by the Indonesian Medical Council and other wider considerations. This will make students have a chance to get international exposures through exchange and electives programmes. A double degree programme with Melbourne University is also offered.

Programme Objectives and Desired Outcomes

Courses in this programme are generally designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To organize and develop academic and professional education which having world-class excellency based on national and religious value.
  • To organize basic research, medical application, and also the research of medical policy innovatively with world-class excellency based on national and religious value.
  • To present expertise in medical knowledge, technology, and humanity for the nation’s health.
  • To organize the governance of the programme independently with the development of good institution; quality-oriented; and able to compete internationally.

Programme Structure

To earn a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, students must fulfil the programme requirements. These requirements include having earned 155 credits. The required total credits to graduate can usually be completed in seven (3,5 years). Upon the completion of the programme, graduates will be awarded Sarjana Kedokteran (S.Ked) or equivalent to Bachelor of Medicine. After getting a bachelor’s degree, students are required to take the professional stage with a load of total 52 credits, then students will take Comprehensive Medical Knowledge and Clinical Skills and then they just passed the national exam to get a medical doctor degree (dr).

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Majors and Minors

In the seven semesters, students receive general medical-related courses. There are three sub-programme included in seven semesters, sub-Programme I (semester 1, 2 and 3) that have 68 credits and 24 blocks of courses, sub-Programme II (semester 4 and 5) that have 44 credits and 12 blocks of courses and sub-Programme III (semester 6 and 7) that have 43 credits and 17 blocks of courses. Elective blocks are carried out in the seventh semester by selecting 1 or more elective blocks with a total load of 4 credits.

Assessment of students’ performance is based on formative and summative evaluation conducted throughout each semester.

Unique features

Students in this programme will be taught by the best and well-known medical scientist. It is possible because the Faculty of Medicine at Universitas Airlangga is a well-known medical faculty in Indonesia. It has many experts in almost all specialised medicine areas such as  Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology and Venerology, and Obstetric and Gynecology, among others.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Bachelor of Medicine have broad career prospects as a medical doctor in various industries from the clinic, laboratory to hospitality and healthcare services. They have the option and opportunity to be a manager or practitioner of their own services and healthcare business. They can play important roles in the context of healthcare  as follow:

  • effective communicator,
  • noble professionals,
  • having self-awareness & development,
  • information manager,
  • having a scientific basis of medical knowledge,
  • mastering clinical skills, and
  • health problem manager.

Besides, there are three areas of institutional excellence in tropical diseases, emergency, and research.

International Exposures

Our partnerships with other universities and networks open up global opportunities for students and staff. Collaboration increases the learning process and self-development at Universitas Airlangga and various leading universities in the world.

Elective programme is one of the blocks in the curriculum of the academic stage. It was initially proposed at the start of the international medical programme in FMUA. Since 2016, for both international and regular programmes implement elective programmes. As it is an intracurricular activity, the elective programme has 4 credits. It is conducted in 4 weeks in the partner institutions. It is not only cover medical fields, but also other disciplines which are related to medical fields. After having approval from the block coordinator and fulfilling several requirements, students will visit other Faculties, Universities, or  Institutions. The elective program for the IUP must be implemented in overseas countries.

Juntendo University Japan
Osaka City University Japan
Kobe University Japan
Jikei University Japan
Fukui University Japan
Oita University Japan
London University UK
Taiwan University Taiwan
Texas Children’s Hospital USA
Diagnostic Clinic of Park Plaza Hospital USA
Holy Cross Hospital Internal Medicine Silver Springs USA
Kasturba Medical Hospital India
India University India
St. Francis Hospital USA
Winthrop University Hospital USA

Student of international undergraduate programme could take an exchange to have a more international experience. Several frames are provided to get credit transfer by the programme coordinator approval. The following are a list of partner universities which Faculty of Medicine UNAIR has MoUs.

University of Adelaide Australia Active MoU
The School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology The University of Western Australia Australia Active MoU
Erasmus University Medical Centre (EUMC) Rotterdam Netherlands Active MoU
The University of Groningen, University of Medical Centre Groningen, Faculty of Medical Sciences Netherlands Active MoU
Fonty’s University Netherlands Active MoU
Leiden University Medical Center Netherlands Active MoU
DUTCH Foundation Active MoU
The University of Massachusetts Boston USA Active MoU
Juntendo University Japan Active MoU
Kobe University Japan Active MoU
Osaka University Japan Active MoU
Osaka City University Japan Active MoU
Hiroshima University Hospital Japan Active MoU
Oita University Japan Active MoU
Nagasaki University Japan Active MoU
Kawasaki Medical School, Kurashiki Japan Active MoU
Faculty of Medicine University of Ryukyus Japan Active MoU
Faculty of Medicine and Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Niigata University Japan Active MoU
Faculty of Medicine at Iowa University USA Active MoU

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