International Undergraduate Programme in Veterinary Medicine

Programme overview

The International Undergraduate Programme in Veterinary Medicine started in 2007 under the name of International Class. The study programme has been accredited by ASIIN, AUN, Iktiraf (Malaysia) and Accredited by BAN-PT. Students profile are mixed from Indonesia and foreign countries. Most of all foreign students come from Malaysia, and a 1 per cent of them come from Pakistan International Class S1.

Programme Objectives and Desired Outcomes

Courses in this programme are generally designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Producing high-quality, dignified graduates who are able to integrate, apply and develop veterinary and animal husbandry to be able to compete at national and international levels.
  • Generating innovative research that is able to solve problems that occur in the community and encourage the development of science and technology in the veterinary and animal husbandry fields.
  • Producing community service that can improve the community’s ability to identify, formulate and solve problems related to the veterinary field and animal husbandry independently and sustainably.
  • Realizing the independence of the faculty that is adaptive, creative, proactive to the demands of the development of science and technology in the veterinary and animal husbandry fields.
  • Developing a research-based entrepreneurial-minded Faculty with world-class excellence based on national values, religious morals, ethics, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

Programme Structure

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Majors and Minors

In the seven semesters, students receive general medical-related courses. There are three sub-programme included in seven semesters, sub-Programme I (semester 1, 2 and 3) that have 68 credits and 24 blocks of courses, sub-Programme II (semester 4 and 5) that have 44 credits and 12 blocks of courses and sub-Programme III (semester 6 and 7) that have 43 credits and 17 blocks of courses. Elective blocks are carried out in the seventh semester by selecting 1 or more elective blocks with a total load of 4 credits.

Assessment of students’ performance is based on formative and summative evaluation conducted throughout each semester.

Unique features

The International Undergraduate Programme in Veterinary Medicine is completed with animal nutrition subject.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine have broad career prospects as a veterinary doctor in various industries from clinic, laboratory to hospitality and healthcare services. In another option they can play important roles in the context of healthcare  as follow:

  • Animal nutritionist
  • Animal physiotherapist
  • Veterinary surgeon
  • Animal technician
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Research scientist (medical)
  • Research scientist (life sciences)
  • Science writer
  • Veterinary nurse
  • Zookeper

International Exposures

Our partnerships with other universities and networks open up global opportunities for students and staff. Collaboration increases the learning process and self-development at Universitas Airlangga and various leading universities in the world.

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